Event Advertising

Increased Revenue for Organization and Sponsors

Dash 4 Cash, ATM services and advertising, offers you increased revenues for your organization and sponsors through ATM service fees and direct advertising on the ATM itself.

Give your attendees more cash to spend while visiting your event. Dash 4 Cash is a solution that offers them the convenience of available cash on site with our reliable ATM Machines.

Cash in the hands of your attendees will increase chances of more revenue all while offering both the convenience and style of our ATMs

Our ATM services do not compete with your local Bank sponsors and Dash 4 Cash ATM Services and Advertising is a no risk opportunity, with no capital investment.

  • ATM Side Panel Advertising. Two 22.5 in. X 66.5 in. Coro-Plast Panels on the sides of the ATM.
  • People-Sized Ads at People-Packed Events
  • 5x7" LCD screen available on ATM for advertising and sponsorship.